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January 15, 2011
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DSA App: Sahbomieh by Moshire DSA App: Sahbomieh by Moshire
Application for :icondeathsmileacademy:

Name: Sahbomieh Azharianalli ( Sah- boh- mee- ay , Az-ar- ee- ah- nah- lee)
Age: 18
Weight: 129 lbs.
Height: 5'2
Strengths: Sharp-Shooting, Weaponry, Defense, Hand-to Hand, Stealth
Weaknesses: Water (in certain circumstances) Cold, Magic and Spells
Species/ Breed/ Type: Mercenary **Reincarnation of the Phoenix

Ethnic Background Thing: African ( Egyptian)
Religion: None.

Likes: Animals, Plants, Ashes, Heat, Bread, Ants, Rice, Sand, Scorpions, Incense, Guns and Knives.

Dislikes: Meat, Small dogs, excavations, cold weather, water , architects, the color pink.

:bulletred: :bulletyellow: Past and Info :bulletyellow: :bulletred:

(age: 1-12) Sahbomieh Azharianalli is from Egypt. No one knows who her parents are since she was originally found by a crew of renegade mercenaries in a dry oasis, laying in a pile of ashes. They took her and kept her with them as a "bounty" (or basically saw her as a piece of merchandise). She was trained from young and was taught to be a mercenary as well. Section "S" (the crew she was in) would capture, torture and eventually kill off grave robbers and architects that tried to "discover" anything about Egypt, its past, but most of all the Phoenix. She didn't know that in fact, she was a reincarnation of the Phoenix.

(Age: 14) News of the phoenix being in Egypt traveled to the Americas and Europe. Flocks of expeditions came to see for themselves, but they were all robbed and killed by the mercenaries. An English architect on an expedition named Johnathan Paludan traveled to Egypt and ran into Section S. They massacred every last one of his crew members, but spared him. He did not wish to dabble into their business however. He offered them a large sum of money instead. Blinded by greed, they took the money and sold Sahbomieh to Paludan for about $2.5 million. After that, she was taken to Europe where she lived with him, constantly under his observation. There, they lived as father and daughter. He told her what she was, and the stories people told about the Phoenix. He would teach her manners and etiquette, and how to speak English. ( a hard task considering they both spoke 2 completely different languages...she still cant speak it properly OTL) He never really told her his purpose for having her, but she knew what is was on the inside. She liked the feeling of having someone there for her, so she didn't bother him.

On her 18th birthday ( January 1st) she decided that she wanted to join DeathSmile and put herself to good use protecting humans (though she is very bad at it). Paludan opposed the idea at first, knowing the trouble she would probably cause, but then decided to let her do as she pleased. As long as she promised to take care of herself, then it was fine.

Random Facts:

* Her skin shimmers in the sun like a gay vampire
*She has thin strands of red in her hair
* She has dormant fire power that she does not know of, and will not be able to use any time soon
* She will sit in the sun for hours and not move once.
* She eats bugs
* she hates small dogs (they make too much noise) They are annoying to her. She loves cats.
*Water and Cold weather make her extremely vulnerable. She will get tired and slow down quickly.
* She writes with her feet
*She is stoic and withdrawn, but in reality, she is very sensitive. Rarely will she befriend someone. It takes a lot to get her to like someone.
*She speaks Egyptian Arabic and very choppy English
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IndonesianElephant Jan 21, 2014  Student General Artist
oh hello waifu it's been far too long but you're looking gorgeous as always /feels her face and everything else ughhhh
(okay but srs can i just be her like omg except nah brah can't eat no buggies)
So cooool! ;A;

I want dat sword. >w>
Moshire Jan 16, 2011  Student General Artist
fank yew ; u ;

*gives it to you* take et : D
No problem~ <3

SDFJKSDHFS *holds it up and marvels over it* : DD
Moshire Jan 16, 2011  Student General Artist
; V ;
*takes a picture fer teh memories*
*poses with the sword?*
Moshire Jan 17, 2011  Student General Artist
thats it baby, work it. that pose is FIERCE. *takes pictures* ;D
owo! *laughs and poses some more* X//D
EdwardOokami Jan 15, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
FFFUU- *gives 45 cool points* You win. o-o
Moshire Jan 15, 2011  Student General Artist
45?! : D *puts them in my bra like a southern church goer*
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